• How to Personailze Your About Me Page

    Posted on November 6, 2014 by in Business Tips, For the Wedding Professional, Wedding Websites

    By: Tracey Manailescu



    I recently went to my “About Me” page and was mortified by what I read. Really! I sounded like a snob. Heck, I wouldn’t want to hire me. I hadn’t looked at it since I got my new website (insert forehead smack here). So I started thinking what qualities I like about myself, and what makes me different. I figured I might as well share my thoughts. I have edited some things already, but now need to do an overhaul. This will be  a work in progress. (My “About Me” page for Tracey M Events)

    When potential clients are checking us out, and they go to our websites, they want to see and feel a connection with us. So usually they will go to the heart and soul of it… our “About Me” page. That is why it is so important to share a piece of ourselves there. We need to open up to our readers and share with them a glimpse of US!

    What are they going to see? Our silly and playful sides, our romantic sides, our mad organizational skills, our business savvy minds, or a bit of every facet of us.  We all have many enduring qualities, and things that make us tick.

    When you share these qualities on your website it will attract like-minded clients.


    Show Your Personality

    What’s your favourite type of food? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you play sports? Favourite place to vacation? Do you speak another language? Dog lover or cat lover? Beach or pool type of gal? Shopaholic? etc. Tell us some fun facts about YOU!

    Tracey Old photo

    (Kermit the Frog called, and wants his suit back.) *This would be a do NOT add working shot!  LOL

    Recent Professional Head-Shot

    Notice I said a recent professional head-shot. That photo from the 80’s from your wedding isn’t going to cut it. Neither is the selfie you took at the bar last weekend after a few too many…

    Make sure your photo still looks like you under the makeup, clothing and hairstyle, because when you meet with your client you don’t want them walking right past you.

    There is a conference that we speak at, and every year we submit a new head-shot for them to add to the bio, but they never change it. I get so embarrassed because it was a much younger & skinnier version of me (and other repeat speakers) that they use, and I just know people are looking at it and saying…”Oooookay”. I know this, because when I see the other speakers that have the out-dated better/younger/skinnier version of themselves, that is what I think, too!  LOL!

    Photos can be working shots, head shots, something fun that will connect with the reader.  Why not have all three?


    Hire a videographer, friend or talented person you know to film a quick video of you. This is a great way to share your personality with potential clients. I wish that I could do something like this, but with all of the weird faces and things I do with my hands, it would be too big of a mess to run in a short period of time, LOL! Heck, I really should give it a try though…

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    Are you an avid runner and just completed a marathon? Do you support great causes and volunteer your time?  Have you worked on an amazing event recently that you want to share with the world? Tell us about it. Have you been featured in a great publication or two?  Have you been asked to speak at a conference, wedding show or course? Have you won an industry award? Tell us about it!

    WPIC Certified CanadaWPIC DWC International Plane-Button-600px

    Certifications, Designations, Memberships to Associations

    Yes this is a shameless plug for us to push the WPICC logo on you.  But hey, shouldn’t you be showing it off?  Show off whatever else you’ve got, too! Clients want to know that you  take yourself, and your company seriously.


    Are you great at budgeting, staying focused, staying calm under pressure, networking, team building, saving money, finding deals, shopping for hard to find items, brain storming, dealing with disputes, a problem solver? etc.

    Speak to Your Dream Couple:

    You know in your heart of hearts what type of people you like to be around, so make this who you are speaking to on your website. Everything you say and show should be specific to your ideal couple. Connect with them by age, style, culture, etc.  You can do this by showing photos, talking about movies, food, vacations that you enjoy.  Your ideal couple should have similar interests with you.  This is your way to connect with them and draw them in before you meet. It’s a scary leap for them to put their trust in someone to handle one of the biggest days of their lives.  They want to be sure that you will understand them and their wants and needs throughout the process. It sure makes it easier when you connect on different levels.