A day of Interactive Education about Cultural Weddings.

Content-rich seminars and workshops for experienced wedding professionals.

Planning South Asian Weddings

Vicki Singh, of the Cultural Wedding Planner, will teach us about planning South Asian Weddings as a Destination Wedding Planner. This exciting presentation will have live demonstrations!

Cultural Wedding Logistics in a Destination

Monica Caesar, of Aisle Plan Your Day, will be teaching us about the logistics of importing a Cultural Wedding to a Destination, and the sensitivities and elements that need to be addressed.

Planning Chinese Weddings

Rebecca Chan, of Rebecca Chan Weddings, will teach us about planning High End Chinese Weddings. You've seen her on Television, now learn from her in person.

Mexico Wedding Specialist

An esteemed representative from the Mexico Tourism Board, will be teaching us what we need to know in order to plan Destination Weddings in Mexico. You will obtain your 2017 WPIC Mexico Wedding Specialist Certification.

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